Gender-Affirming Health

All interactions with healthcare can be gender-affirming.

Whether it’s asking what someone’s pronouns are and using them or having a non-gendered single-stall restroom available, there are dozens of ways to make trans, non-binary, and/or intersex people feel more comfortable when accessing healthcare. One major way is through inclusive representation in imagery, specifically medical illustrations that can be found in pamphlets, educational print-outs, posters, etc.

Much medical imagery, particularly diagnostic and assessment tools, exclusively depict the male form as the “standard human” when a more gender-neutral figure would be more appropriate for this goal. For example, a common skin surface assessment tool (above), which is a diagram utilized to mark all areas of the body with any skin abnormalities or changes, can be used regardless of sex so a gender-neutral figure is not only more suitable, it also allows for more accuracy in assessment. Furthermore, as most medical illustrations in assessment tools only depict thin bodies, it can be more helpful to utilize a images of a difference body frame.

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